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Store your archive securely and find files with ease. Create, share and collaborate on projects. Free up to 5 GB.

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Large file transfers

A better way to send files

Fast unlimited large file delivery + free cloud storage. Search files and send them wherever you are, using the app.

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Automatic resize

Deliver files in
the right sizes

You don't always want to send the high res files. Automatically resize your files at the point of sending.

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Work with others

Easy project collaboration

Collaboration tools without barriers! Allow others to comment and add ratings to files, without needing an account.

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Make workflow easy

Comment on files and projects

When you collaborate on projects, our commenting function allows you to discuss files and projects, or make to-do lists which can be tracked and resolved.

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add your brand

Present your brand in style

Whether sending files or collaborating on projects, your brand should be front and centre. This is a standard, not a premium option.

A few more things

More features to help you grow your career


Review and action file feedback and suggestions with real-time commenting features.


View where and when your files are used online, allowing you to easily track usage rights as well as social media growth.


Share projects and add ratings to enable collective decision making.

Cloud storage for free!

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